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What’s New with CPE 2016?

NASPA is proud to announce that we have updated our landmark Certified Peer Educator program! We expect to roll out CPE in phases over the course of 2016. What’s new with the program?

  • Training Videos
    • The training videos have been updated to reflect common issues that students are facing on campuses today
  • Move from DVD Facilitation to Cloud-Based Facilitation
    • While the CPE course is still facilitated in-person, the course materials for facilitators are moving to NASPA’s Online Learning Community versus a DVD. This allows us flexibility to address current events on campus by updating the content in real-time.
  • Updated & New Course Content
    • While keeping the foundational material for CPE the same, we have updated a number of the course modules. These updates include:
      • A focus on crisis management
      • Discussions of enacting social change, through the Social Change Model
      • Adding self-care to earlier in the course, so students can be mindful of their ability to be effective leaders and helpers, while maintaining balance
      • A deeper focus on identity, social justice, and inclusion
    • In addition to reworking other modules, we have added additional modules to meet the needs of campuses. Campuses will have the option to choose from additional modules to enhance their training, including:
      • Interpersonal Identity Development, including disenfranchised identities and identity intersection
      • Motivational Interviewing Skills for Peer Educators
      • Programming & Being Activists in a Technological World
  • Train the Trainer Course
    • We understand that campuses facilitate the course in-house. We have developed an online “train the trainer” course and community for those individuals who wish to do so!
  • Applicability to various campus leaders
    • CPE has grown to focus on more than just peer health educators. While we are keeping this foundation, we have also structured the course to allow for various groups/organizations to find a connection including Residence Life, Orientation, Student Government/Organizations, and more!