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NASPA’s Certified Peer Educator Revision FAQ

 What’s new in the upcoming edition of CPE?

CPE is getting a facelift! In an effort to bridge peer education efforts across all campuses, we have made many updates to the course content and material. With new course content, cloud-based facilitation, and revamped materials – peer health educators and student leaders from all parts of campus should find the CPE course as a beneficial investment in their students.
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 Will we still be able to bring a trainer to campus to facilitate the training?

Yes! We will still offer trainings on-campus for CPE. Beginning July 1, 2016, only the new version of CPE will be facilitated on-campus. Contact JM Alatis if you have questions or would like to bring a trainer to your campus.

 When will the program launch? When can we begin buying materials?

We anticipate a launch date of July 1, 2016. We will begin pre-orders for CPE Workbooks and the CPE Train-the-Trainer Course to begin in early April 2016.

 What’s this “Train the Trainer Course”

Based upon feedback from campuses, the 2016 CPE Course will include a “Train-the-Trainer” course for advisors, faculty, and staff members who wish to facilitate CPE. The course will be facilitated through NASPA’s Online Learning Community and provide support and resources throughout the community of trainers.

 Do I have to move to the new program?

The new CPE Program is scheduled to launch on July 1, 2016. The current version of CPE (CPE 2008) will remain available until June 30, 2017. At that time, that version will be discontinued and all CPE students must go through the 2016 version.

 I just bought my training kit and/or workbooks – will I be able to get the new training?

We recognize that some campuses have recently bought the CPE Training Kit and/or workbooks. We’ll be in touch with all individuals who have made purchases since July 1, 2014, to discuss ways that you can upgrade to the new CPE Version.

 I still have paper examinations. What should I do with those?

The BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA stopped using paper examinations in January 2013. The grace period for accepting these tests has ended. If you would like to have your students take the exam using the CPE 2008 version, please contact the BACCHUS Materials Center for more information.

 Is CPE something I can use with my high school students?

While the intended audience for the CPE Program are college students, the course content and skills developed are applicable for high school students, adults, and other demographics. Many of the course scenarios, videos, and role plays do focus on the collegiate experience; however, these can be adapted by you as you see fit. Feel free to contact the BACCHUS Initiatives Staff if you are curious about the best way to apply this to your specific peer education group.

How will students take the certifying exam?

Students will take the course online through the NASPA Website. More information will be included with your testing workbooks and/or exam code purchases

Will I still get a notification if my students pass or fail the course?

As long as you are a certified CPE Facilitator, you will get access to your students’ pass/fail record for the exam. Answers to the Pre/Post Test & the training evaluation, however, will remain anonymous for data and research integrity.

Will we still have a Pre/Post Test? How about an Evaluation?

Yes. The course will still contain a pre and posttest, as well as an evaluation of the course itself. This data will continue to be collected in aggregate and accessible to only BACCHUS staff members for evaluative purposes. Should you want to evaluate the course on your own, we suggest developing your own evaluation to collect your data.

Do we have to be NASPA members to buy the course?

While you don’t have to be NASPA Institutional Members to take the course, there are many benefits of doing so! Institutional Members receive a discount on materials bought; up to a 20% discount on on-site on standard, on-site trainings; can affiliate their group with the BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA; and much more. Contact the NASPA Membership team if you are interested in becoming an Institutional Member.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have questions regarding the CPE training course, logistics for the new version, or have questions about bringing a National Trainer to your campus, contact JM Alatis with NASPA. For materials questions, including order fulfillment, please contact the BACCHUS Materials Center. Other BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA general questions can be directed here