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NASPA CPE Train the Trainer FAQs

NASPA is proud to announce that we have updated our landmark Certified Peer Educator program! We expect to roll out CPE in phases over the course of 2016, including the launch of a Train-the-Trainer course for Certified Peer Education (CPE) Facilitators

What will the Train the Trainer Course Cost?

The CPE Train-the-Trainer Course will be based upon NASPA Institutional Membership.
NASPA Institutional Member Campuses can certify a facilitator for $625, while Non-NASPA-Institutional Member Campuses can register an individual for the course for $825.

What will the Train-the-Trainer Course Entail?

The Train-the-Trainer course will consist of an online training hosted in NASPA’s Online Learning Community (OLC). After successful completion of the course, facilitators will retain their access to the OLC for continued development, refresher opportunities, and to engage in a community with other facilitators. They will also receive a physical copy of the facilitator’s guide and 10 CPE Student Workbooks, an over $200 value!

I am using the 2008 Version of CPE, do I have to take the Train the Trainer Course?

The 2008 version of the CPE Course will be completely phased out by mid-2017. In order to facilitate the 2016 version of CPE, you must go through the Train-the-Trainer.

Do I have to be a NASPA Member to take the Train-the-Trainer Course?

While you do not have to be a NASPA individual member to facilitate the course, if you wish to affiliate your peer education group with the BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA, you must be a NASPA Individual Member.

Do I have to take the Train-the-Trainer Course every year?

While you do not have to take this course every year, you will need to certify a total of 12 students every two years to remain an active facilitator in our system.

I recently bought the 2008 Version of CPE – can I return it for this version?

While you cannot return the 2008 version of CPE. Please e-mail JM Alatis at for more information.

Please e-mail NASPA Training Coordinator, JM Alatis, at with any additional questions.